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Our Philosophy

It is said, ‘the true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he pursues.’ At Elbeco, we nurture our business relationships with our clients and suppliers, in the pursuit of long term business excellence. We strive to remain the credible and reliable link between our clients and suppliers for years to come, taking great pride and building on our solid reputation and success record.

At Elbeco, we understand the technicalities of each of the services we provide. Likewise, we acknowledge the importance of the human factor in our business: being alert, professional, ensuring our customers’ needs are met promptly in a cost effective manner, providing aftersales support, and most importantly being credible. Such applies to both ends: our clients and our suppliers; this is why today we proudly represent some of the largest internationally renowned brands in their fields and provide our clients with competitive prices compared to the market.

Our Management Team

Mr. Kayrouz el Khoury, General Manager

Mr. El Khoury is a marine chief engineer, graduated from Antwerp Superior Navigation School in 1978. He served at sea for about 10 years and as technical manager for a shipping company for about 3 years.

With the above backgrounds, he joined Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and Polish Register of Shipping in 1983 and 1996 respectively, and as a non-exclusive surveyor in both cases.

For enhancing his marine knowledge, he has attended several training courses on Life Rafts, ISM, ISPS, Marine Paints and Lubricant analysis, in addition to many bunker conferences and conventions since 1996.

Mrs. Veronique Pineri, Legal Advisor

Elbeco is in collaboration with Mrs. Veronique Pineri, a Lebanese / French lady, doctor in maritime and European law and fluent in English, French and Arabic.

Mrs. Pineri will be more than happy to help our customers in any legal consultancy and to represent them in any legal disputes.